10 Must Have Features for e-Scooter App

A more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traffic jams has been provided by e-Scooters. The electrical scooter market is anticipated to be worth USD 41.98 billion by 2030. They represent the next wave of the sharing economy that has been modified to offer mobility options. People need a smartphone app in order to conveniently share their electric scooters. An electric scooter can be rented on demand through the e-scooter app on smartphones.

There are numerous expert e-Scooter app developers available who are familiar with all aspects of e-Scooter Smartphone applications and create the best apps with cutting-edge features.

This article will clarify some e-Scooter app features that were previously unclear and inform readers of their value in the contemporary environment. then let’s begin with:

What exactly is the e-Scooter App Development Industry?

The e-Scooter app development market has expanded and grown over time. Many people have turned their focus to riding e-scooters to commute from one place to another. In 2020, the market for electric scooters was estimated to be worth USD 19.4 billion, and by 2028, it was expected to increase even more.

A lot of people will be able to do this while saving money on their usual fuel expenses. On-demand communication marketers are steadily expanding, indicating that many people have voiced their concerns.

Additionally, on-demand technology has cemented itself as one of the sector’s magical touches.

What features e-Scooter App must include?

The following features e-Scooter app must include:

  • On-boarding

Onboarding and registration are the first things that new users interact with. It’s your chance to keep their interest with a pleasing design, faultless navigation, and understandable functions. Make every effort to make the process as simple as you can.

  • For instance

Allow people to log in using social network accounts and simply ask for a minimal amount of personal information during registration so they don’t have to spend too much time.

Additionally, you may provide them with a summary of the key features, some details on the benefits of utilizing electric vehicles, and a brief safety instruction manual. Use clear language and straightforward explanations, and consider allowing users to skip some steps.

  • Maps Integration

The map feature helps customers locate and reserve nearby scooters that are available. Maps are another tool that customers can utilize to find the quickest route. The Mapkit framework for iOS devices and the API for Android devices are typically integrated by developers.

  • QR code scanner

The scooter may be locked and unlocked from the parking dock using a QR code scanner. The scanner SDKs for the Android and iOS operating systems are used by apps like Bird and Lime.

  • ID verification

This app scanner will also help to confirm a user’s ID. If a person is older than 18, they can create an account. Documents like a driver’s license can be used to check someone’s age.

  • Smart lock

Keep a locking and unlocking mechanism that is IoT-enabled so that a user can lock and unlock the scooter by scanning a QR code. You must install a microcontroller-based system on your bicycle for this functionality to function.

  • In-app systems

Users must be able to pay directly through the e-scooter-sharing app. You must incorporate payment channels like PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree to make this feature a reality.

  • Social media integration

Allowing your consumers to post about their riding experiences on social media right from the application will engage them. Additionally, it will help you attract more clients.

  • Push notifications

Use push notification systems to inform them of deals and discounts, recommended routes, unique events, and more.

  • Bookings

Allow users to reserve a scooter in advance so they may organize a vacation with their friends, family, and colleagues.


We hope that this tutorial has covered everything you need to know about creating an e-Scooter app.

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