What Factors Affect The Cost Of Developing A Mobile Game App?

Did you just come up with a brilliant mobile game idea?

If yes, then simply wait. After considering the concept of your game, the following thought will most likely be how much it will cost to execute it.

There are numerous aspects to consider when determining the cost of mobile game app development, and We’ll go through a few of the most important ones in this article.

Generally, Mobile games development range in price from $3000 for simple mini-games to over $150,000 for more complex multiplayer games, and are developed for Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS). Prices may also differ depending on the features you want to include, such as payment systems or administrative operations.

These features, for example, are 20% more expensive on iOS than on Android.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Developing a Mobile Game App include

When creating a mobile gaming app, it is preferable to consider a variety of variables. Let’s have a look at the most important factors that influence the cost of mobile game production.

  • Pre-development cost

To create a well-structured mobile game development process, developers create a strategy in a game design document (GDD). It’s a crucial phase because it’s the foundation of the entire project.

The process of creating game design documents takes time and effort, resulting in pre-development costs. These costs can be calculated using factors such as cost per working hour.

  • Platform selection

Among mobile game app development companies, Android-based games and iOS-based games are two popular options. However, if you want to develop on any other platform. Your development costs will be considerably impacted by the platform.

Adding specs and payment connections, for example, is 10-20% more expensive in iOS than in Android. However, if you want it to run on previous versions, Android development could be a little more expensive.

Naturally, if you choose native development for both platforms, you will have to spend more money. You can also go with the hybrid option, albeit you may not achieve native-like performance.

  • Design

Creating a mobile game app necessitates a multilayered approach. In this stage, you can plan out the game levels, the game environment, and the target users. The gaming app may contain numerous flaws and glitches if it is not designed properly. As a result, you should proceed with caution in this phase.

UI/UX designers, architects, and game artists are among the many professions involved in the entire design and development cycle. These experts charge fees based on their limitations and experience.

  • Game app testing

Game app testing is just as crucial as game development; after all, gamers can’t stand a few bugs.

That’s why you must make certain that your games function smoothly and give a positive user experience. Set aside money for the testing services provided by the game development company.

  • Game categories and genres

The cost of developing a mobile game app is highly influenced by whether you are creating a simulation app, a social gaming app, or a casual gaming app. We can categorize gaming apps based on their complexity.

    • Simple 2D games

These low-budget games feature simple 2D graphics and a soundtrack. Despite the fact that these are simple 2D games, there is a lot of room for scale-up and user engagement rate.

    • Mini-games

Mini-games are simple solitary games that don’t require any special skills to play. You may need to set a budget if you wish to add additional graphics or have higher expectations from the gaming app.

    • Mid-level games

Mobile games with good graphics, a story, character modeling, and multiple levels are known as mid-level games. The content’s richness and variety increase replayability and keep players engaged for extended periods of time.

    • Social games

These games were played by a large number of people on social media platforms such as Facebook, where they included games like Candy Crush. These games are similar to browser games in that they have limited access to user information. Developers usually use SDKs provided by social platforms to create these games.

    • High-level games

These games demand a large budget, but if you target the right audience, you can earn a great reward. It will help if you plan, strategize, and create carefully.

    • Business games

Mobile games are a terrific way for modern enterprises to boost their team-building efforts. They use mobile games as internal tools to inspire innovation, improve collaboration, and create a more engaging and fun-filled work environment. The graphics, storyline, soundtracks, game levels, and cross-platform compatibility of these multiplayer games are all appealing.

  • Game complexity

Once you’ve decided on a game’s category and genre, you’ll be able to identify the game’s key elements. If the game is basic enough, social media integration will suffice.

However, if you’re making a complex game like PUBG, you’ll need to include features like voice integration, gyroscope, and so on. The cost of game creation will undoubtedly rise as a result of this.

  • Mobile game engine

Another key component that influences the cost of developing a mobile game is the game engine.

Therefore, choosing one is critical because your mobile game is fully reliant on these engines.

The type, features, and category are all important in the game. You’ll have to pick a mobile game engine.

In the app development market, you may find a variety of mobile game development engines. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. You must make your choice based on your requirements.

How much does a Game like PUBG cost to Develop?

PUBG is a high-end mobile gaming app with numerous features. Such games are created by seasoned professionals and come at a premium price tag. Such games have an incredible amount of detail. Creating games of this caliber requires a significant amount of time and effort in terms of design, planning, and other factors. The overall cost of developing a game like PUBG is expected to be between $100K and $150K  dollars.


Creating a mobile game is an exciting process that necessitates the collaboration of a team of experts. Choosing an effective mobile app development company or game studio is a key decision that might impact your mobile game’s success.

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