What Is AI Marketing?

In business, artificial intelligence is quickly becoming the norm, with applications in customer care, workflow automation, and, of course, marketing.

It will also dramatically change the game: by 2035, AI will boost global corporate profitability by 38% and create $14 trillion in value.

While other businesses are just beginning to realize their potential, the top-performing organizations are already ahead of the curve, being twice as likely to use AI in marketing.

Here, we define AI marketing and outline its essential elements.

What is Artificial intelligence (AI) Marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) marketing uses technology to automate decisions based on data collecting, data analysis, and further observations of the target audience or economic developments that may affect marketing activities. AI is frequently used in marketing campaigns where speed is crucial.

AI systems learn how to engage with clients using data and customer profiles, then give them personalized messages at the appropriate moment without assistance from marketing team personnel, ensuring optimal productivity. AI is employed by many contemporary marketers to support marketing teams or carry out more tactical tasks that don’t require as many people.

AI Marketing use cases include

  • Data analysis
  • Natural language processing
  • Media purchasing
  • Automated decision making
  • Content generation
  • Real-time personalization

How is AI used in Marketing?

It is applied in marketing to offer practical suggestions for relationship management. AI may create a profile for each client by combining various data sources and systems, enabling decision-makers to understand what influences their customers’ choices and direct them toward their optimal course of action.

How is AI used in digital marketing?

AI can support an organization’s efforts in digital marketing by

  • Increase retention and adherence
  • Offer clients relevant, customized offers and services that excite and delight them.
  • Obtain high ROI through precise targeting
  • reducing handling time, increasing output
  • Enhance self-service options

How does AI contribute to Personalization Marketing Campaigns?

Every customer must be treated uniquely by businesses. Hyper-personalization is necessary for that, which entails more than just addressing clients by name. It denotes:

Depending on the individual characteristics of each customer, making an offer addressing each customer’s needs based not only on past purchases but also on current information provides consistent, individualized experiences across all channels, at all times.

Delivering exceptional customer experiences across all marketing channels is made possible by a comprehensive customer analytics infrastructure.

  • Most used AI marketing tools

The most used AI tools in the market are virtual assistants that might effectively impact workflows by streamlining and automatic basic customer services or sales interactions. Some popular examples of virtual assistants are Siri, Alexa, or a basic chatbot.

  • AI marketing applications

Next to AI marketing tools, there are many AI marketing solutions available in the market. Here are some of the best:

In the persona development category, there are two applications to use. These are HubSpot and social bakers. Also, in the chatbots category, the apps to use are Bold360 and Manychat.

For content optimization, Cortex, Market Muse, and Digital strike


Artificial intelligence has made leaps and bounds a long time ago, and it has already shaped the future of marketing. It’s up to you to implement this technology in your business. But one thing for sure is that AI is the future. If you plan on running a successful online business in the coming years, using AI-powered marketing tools is a must.

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