What Is Citizen Developer?

Gartner research indicates 61% of organizations are either already executing citizen-development initiatives or have plans to include such initiatives in coming times.

But the main question is what is a citizen developer and What is citizen development?

We are going to understand this in detail. So, let’s begin

What is a Citizen Developer?

It refers to the employee with no/low coding knowledge that builds software apps for their team or others by using low-code/no-code platforms without any IT involvement. A citizen developer is not a specific role but a persona. With the help of IT-approved development techniques, they create apps in run-time environments. 

What is the need for Citizen Development or Developer?

Irrespective of the size, your company can greatly benefit from citizen development. For solving particular business issues, you are free to optimize your workforce and resources.

Now, why should every business invest in citizen developers?

  • Minimizing IT backlog

The growing demand for the business app means IT teams have an ever-growing to-do list. This led to circumstances where IT teams are not able to deliver solutions on schedule, work delays and build huge backlogs. Citizen development allows business owners to build their own apps and greatly minimize the burden on IT.

  • Cost-effective

Citizen development brings down software maintenance costs and increases existing resources. It also saves firms money spent on hiring professional developers or buying third-party apps. The costs can be brought down by streamlining systems and integrating data.

  • Build apps quickly

Organizations are compelled to release products and services faster due to constant changes in market conditions. It can be easily attained with a citizen development framework where non-IT employees utilize a no-code/low-code platform to develop apps and produce high-quality services.

  • Maximize efficiency

The moment employees are strengthened to become citizen developers their job satisfaction grows higher along with their productivity. Business users can manage their own requirements by lowering their reliance on IT. In the end, this speeds up the procedure and reduces bottlenecks, enhancing your company’s overall production.

How can I start developing as a citizen developer?

There are two ways of becoming a citizen developer upskill/reskill or do it on your own.

  • Upskill/reskill

Upskill/reskill on your current job is the first step towards becoming a citizen developer. In case you have a job with software development adjacency, you might not require extensive ramp-up time to begin as a citizen developer. You must determine the need for the position in your company and then use your astute salesman talent to present it to the management team as a position you can fill.

You should be ready to talk about your qualifications for the position of citizen developer, including your qualifications, experience, and alignment with the company’s objective.

  • DIY

Working from home is the second option for becoming a citizen developer. Doing a practice with extensive resources provided by firms like Google and Amazon that motivates software developers to make and share software on dedicated platforms.

Once you are sure that you have upscaled your skill as a developer on a coveted enterprise platform after then you can offer your services in a freelance capacity using platforms such as Upwork then make it simpler to reach enterprise businesses seeking out citizen developers’ help.


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