What Is Full-Stack Development And How To Recruit A Full-Stack Developer?

According to the Global Developer Population and Demographic Study by Evans Data Corporation, there are 26.9 million software developers globally. It is anticipated that this number would increase to 27.7 million in 2023 and to 28.7 million in 2024.

According to these statistics, business owners will need to hire full-stack web developers from all over the world and not just one particular region.

One of the most well-known concepts in the modern web/mobile development business is the concept of a full-stack developer. A “full-stack developer” is a person who is flexible and knowledgeable enough to work virtually at any position in application development.

Due to their extensive technical expertise and broad skill set, these professionals are essential for any business.

Now, let’s take a dive into the what thing’s to consider while hiring full-stack developers.

How can I locate qualified Full-Stack Developers?

The global app development market is expanding rapidly, providing new business opportunities for entrepreneurs everywhere. Entrepreneurs are maximizing the chances at their disposal by developing app development solutions that have significantly changed how we live and work.

Developers are also utilizing the possibilities and acquiring new tech stacks, which can dramatically change the dynamics of app development.

That’s why we made the decision to create a brief checklist to help everyone identify the ideal tech specialists for your project. Consider these four ways for locating and hiring full-stack engineers for your project.

  • Utilizing your network

You should start by looking inside your own network. Ask your friends for suggestions, and make sure someone you know knows where to look for and how to identify a full-stack developer with expertise in LAMP, MEAN, or another stack. A full-stack developer might be available to create your app from scratch if you use LinkedIn to search your friends’ profiles.

Reap the benefits of Facebook and Twitter by asking for referrals of full-stack developers who are interested in a new project.

Obviously, Tweet on Twitter might not appear to be a smart hiring tactic at first glance, but in some circumstances, it really does work wonderfully.

  • Searching through freelancing platforms

The major freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour use these to hire full-stack developers. With 3 million jobs posted yearly, Upwork may be the biggest of these platforms.

Before looking into freelancer sites, make sure to specify the budget for your software project. Following that, you will be able to filter candidates based on full-stack engineers’ salary expectations.

The hourly fee of a freelance full-stack developer might help you save a significant portion of your budget when compared to hiring in-house developers.

  • Hiring software development company

There are numerous software development outsourcing companies all around the world. But the secret to effective collaboration consists of three crucial elements:

Budget, Location, and Expertise

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What questions to ask for Hiring Full-Stack Developers?

The questions to ask while hiring full-stack developers can be divided into two categories

  • Soft-skill based questions

  1. What are the most recent technological developments in the field of technology? Describe some of the most recent developments in programming and coding.
  2. How would you rank the process of developing mobile apps? What do you typically start with?
  3. What do you do beyond work hours to improve as a full-stack developer?
  4. Would you like to learn a new programming language? If yes then, what is the reason?
  • Hard skill-based questions

  1. How to develop an app from the scratch and which programming language to utilize?
  2. Which tools and APIs do you use, besides the tech stack, to develop applications?
  3. Can you show some of your projects?


That’s all for today folks, we hope you get sufficient information on what full-stack developers are and what things to consider while hiring full-stack developers for your software development project. Now it’s time to select what model of cooperation best fits your business requirements and budget.

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