How To Encourage Team Building In A Remote Environment?

Whatever you choose to call it—working remotely, in a remote setting, from home—this trend is on the rise.

And based on Gartner research, “By 2030, the demand of workforce will be grown up by 30% due to Gen Z workforce entrance.”


Remote work indeed has a lot of benefits for firms and their employees, but it also has some challenges.

According to a Buffer study in 2020, when asked about their biggest struggle, the employees replied, “work collaboration and communication (20%), and loneliness (20%).” (

Insufficient team-building exercises are the cause of this issue. This blog will highlight the top ways to encourage team building in a remote environment.

Watercooler breaks

Employees working from home don’t have the luxury of chatting in the cafeteria or office canteen. So, create one for them, and develop a culture in which your employees are inspired to interact with each other and socialize online.

Ask them to join 10-15 minutes early or organize a break for them, where they can talk about anything other than work.

Promoting ice-breaker activities

There are times when people don’t feel comfortable having a pep talk or chit-chat with strangers. Making them comfortable with each other, setting-up icebreaker activity is essential. Their mutual understanding will grow as a result. You can start by asking questions like:

  • What is your favourite dish, destination, book, etc.?
  • How did you spend your spare time?
  • Where you want to travel?

Anything that can melt the ice, spark a conversation and helps in strengthening the team cooperation in the longer run.

Group chatting

Generally, companies use group chatting for official purposes, like team discussion, work assignments, client interaction and more.

But who asks you to use it only for business purposes?

Why not for encouraging team building?

Not only for business purposes, but it can also be an ideal way for distributed teams to always stay connected or in touch.

Promoting chatting or interaction for non-official purposes with the help of apps like a team, Trello, slack and so on.

You can also set up and name different channels on a particular theme like funny memes, cartoons etc.

Virtual Happy Hour

Reward your team for completing the weekly goals. Organize a virtual happy hour where all team members are inspired to participate in video chat, enjoy a snack or drink and play some online game.

Pictionary, Trivia, charades, catchphrases etc. are some of the popular games encouraged among remote employees for team building.


You may promote team building among the employees by putting these strategies into practice. Apart from these, if you have a budget also organize outside meet-ups once in a while. This will lead team cooperation or bonding to the next level.

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