How To Create A Social Media Calendar To Plan Your Content?

Due to continuous flow of content ideas it’s very common to get stuck up in day-to-day social media activities or managing multiple accounts.

Do you want to get rid of this issue?

Looking for a solution that doesn’t cost lot of money?

In this blog, we will tell you how to create an social media calendar to organize your content.

What is social media calendar?

It is an overview of your all upcoming post scheduled by data and time. The social media calendar came in various forms such as spreadsheet, inactive dashboard or digital calendar.

Ways to create Social Media Calendar?

  • Audit your social channels and content

Before you start creating social media calendar the audit of your existing social media platforms and accounts is essential.

It will give you clear picture that where do you actually stand in reality? Your current position.

You should focus on the content that performs means content that is gaining lot of engagement in the form of likes, comments, views, shares etc.

This way your calendar will provide you a way to report and track data, so that you without any interruption improves continuously in your process moving ahead.

  • Setting short-term and long-term goals

From business perspective you cannot post anything on social media. Your every post should have hitting the goal. Whether it is hitting short-term or long-term goal it doesn’t matter, but it should not be some random post.

Its better to think of your business purpose, objective or target while creating social media post.

Because the harsh truth is that it’s not easy to build audience on social media. Social media goes through a lot of trial and error. But by producing every post with a goal in mind even if it doesn’t perform well. You will always learn something which will help you in producing more engaging posts.

  • Deciding on content posts and categories for each social media channel

The ultimate objective of any social media calendar is to provide a structure for sharing content that appeal to your audience and promote your business. Prior to developing your calendar, strategize content around particular campaigns and goals.

First you need to make a decision on the types of content that appeals both to your audience and business.

The common categories consist of blog posts, quotes and motivational, product promotions, user generated content (UGC) and events and announcements.

After you decide the category, prepare a separate spreadsheet to utilize as a working library so you can strategize and collect original content, products, promotions and events you decide to share.

  • Build or customize your social media content calendar template

Once you decide a plan for which social media channels should prime area of focus. Gather the information about current performance of existing posts, after doing all this you can move forward to the stage of creating your social media content calendar.

You can develop social media calendar by designing it manually or download template from internet. There are different types of template available online.

  • Planning your posting cadence

After preparing your calendar framework comes setting your posting frequency, scheduling days for posting content and so on.

Knowing the frequency will assists you figure out your limit and optimize your content creation process.

Add the content from your working library, you can also utilize your colour coding scheme.

In case you have to post large volume of content on a monthly basis then you should build separate calendars for each social media profile.


Social media calendar assists you in content planning, coordinate campaigns and blog content to achieve your business goals.

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