7 Top Free Google SEO Tools

What is the one thing that your brand needs to be relevant in the modern world?

Raise this question in front of any digital marketing agency.

In one word, SEO, is the most likely response they will offer you.

What is SEO exactly, and why is it important in the digital world?

With the use of a process called search engine optimization, or SEO, your website can achieve a higher position on search engine result pages.

Because the majority of users of search engines like Google or Bing rarely go past the first page of results, those ranks are highly sought after.

This is where top SEO agencies come in to help your business stand out and appear on pages where visitors will actually engage.

It’s critical to realize that SEO works like a puzzle if you want to improve your brand’s SEO. You must arrange the pieces correctly in order to complete this puzzle. You need a few SEO tools to help to accomplish this.

This article will detail the top 7 free Google SEO tools in order to help you.

The Best 7 Free Google SEO tools

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics should always be the first option for anyone trying to enhance their online presence. Given that the bulk of searches are made using Google, the free Google Analytics platform provides easy control of Google search parameters in addition to other Google services like Search Console and Data Studio. You can easily and intuitively trace your Google AdWords account and other marketing data throughout your Google apps using this platform.

  • Google Search Console

You may better understand how Google crawls and indexes your site by using Google Search Console (GSC), formerly known as Google Webmaster. Make an account and add your website as a property in it so that you may use Google Search Console effectively. Once your domain has been added, you must first confirm that you are the website’s owner before you may use all of its capabilities.

One of Google Search Console’s many capabilities allows you to identify technical issues with your website. You can also see what terms or content are ranked for your website.

  • Keyword planner

In the event that other tools are used for creating seed lists, this Google SEO tool has continued to serve as the de-facto source for many when it comes to estimating keyword volumes (but doesn’t rely upon exact statistics).

Following the upgrade, the keyword planner is now more PPC-focused than keyword-focused, and the suggested keywords are initially so broad as to be meaningless. However, there are still ways to get reliable data using keyword planner.

  • Google Trends

As its name suggests, this tool helps you keep track of the subjects and trends that are most popular over time in your sector. Utilize this tool to research current trends, then use the information to create a timely and effective content marketing strategy.

  • Google page speed insights

This free Google SEO tool demonstrates how to optimize your website for speedy loading across all platforms, including mobile and tablet devices.

You may improve the performance of your page by following the advice provided by Google Page Speed Insight. The easiest strategy to reduce load time and server hit is to use this tool to show which scripts are slowing down your website and optimize their loading.

  • Lighthouse

It is a built-in auditing tool for Chrome, and you can find it in the developer tools section. You can access it via the menu, by pressing F-12, or by going to the audits tab and looking for the tool. This tool allows you to perform 5 different audits on the page you’re currently viewing. Do this by pressing a single button, which has links to in-depth descriptions of any concerns discovered.

  • Mobile-friendly test

You may examine how well your site is performing on a mobile device with the help of this free Google SEO tool, which is a part of the Search Console. You may get a report that shows how easy it is to use on mobile devices by just entering your URL.

Given that a higher percentage of site viewers are using mobile devices, it is a crucial SEO tool. Many commuters use their phones to check out websites while on the bus or on the train. Because of this, maintaining a mobile-friendly website will enhance dwell time and reduce bounce rate. so that you can capture the interest of these potential clients.


These are the top 7 SEO tools that will help you raise the visibility, traffic, and conversion rates of your website. Because SEO is a planned process, we advise hiring Stellar Digital, the top SEO agency in Delhi and Gurgaon. Stellar Digital offers comprehensive SEO services. Our team of seasoned digital marketers can assist you with your project. Simply send an email to contact@stellardigital.in  to get in touch with us.