What Is The Role Of DevSecOps In Securing Software Development?

What is DevOps?

In order to improve and shorten the development life cycle, a methodology consists of procedures and tools that combine and automate the work of IT operations and software development.

What is DevSecOps?

The philosophy behind it is to integrate security procedures into the DevOps process. DevSecOps advocates for fostering a “Security as a Code” culture with progressive, adaptable collaboration between security teams and release engineers.

DevSecOps is a combination of software development, IT security, and IT operations.

Benefits of DevSecOps

  • Quicker and more cost-effective delivery

Software development without a DevSecOps environment might result in several security concerns. A time delay results from these security concerns. Spending a lot of effort and money to fix code and security problems is necessary.

DevSecOps ensures quick and secure delivery, which reduces the need to repeat a process in order to fix security issues, which saves a lot of time and costs.

The reduction of redundant reviews and pointless rebuilds due to integrated security results in highly secure code, which streamlines and reduces the cost of the entire software development process.

  • Enhanced application security

Early in the development cycle, DevSecOps uses a proactive strategy to reduce cybersecurity concerns. It means that development cycles are not slowed down. The development team must have confidence in automated security technologies to do security audits and run real-time code testing.

Important security checkpoints are used to evaluate the application. The DevOps team will have to examine, audit, test, scan, and debug code during various stages of the development process.

The development and security teams will collaborate on finding fixes at the code level whenever security flaws are discovered in apps.

  • Faster vulnerability patching

The major benefit of DevSecOps is that it responds faster whenever any newly identified security vulnerability gets exposed.

Patching and vulnerability scanning are integrated into the release cycle by DevSecOps. It allows your developers to quickly catch common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs).

  • Streamlined application delivery

DevSecOps can be embedded with other automated continuous integration/delivery pipeline test suites. It makes sure that security checks happen at the appropriate patch levels and that approved software is secure.


DevSecOps is redefining the process of software and app development. It will not take much time before it becomes the go-to trend for the software and app development industries.

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