Why Is Flutter Suited For Automotive App Development?

Flutter has formally overtaken other development frameworks this year, in 2022, for a range of industries, including the automotive. Because Flutter offers a competitive advantage in this field, automobile companies use it to create their apps.

There is a rise in the number of flutter apps with every significant version. More than 150,000 Flutter-based apps were available on the Play Store at the time of Flutter 2’s debut in March 2021. There are 500,000 flutter apps available when flutter 3 launched in May 2022. It’s a staggering increase of 455% in just two years.

There were only 90,000 flutter-made apps as of August 2020.

Why the automotive giants like BMW and Toyota choose Flutter for Automotive App Development?

  • Toyota

The infotainment system in a Toyota is expected to meet the same standards of quality and performance as the driving experience. The on-screen experience must correspond to how a Toyota looks and feels.

When Toyota learned that Flutter was beginning to support embedded devices, they inquired about a collaboration.

Toyota’s head engineer, Daniel Hall, cites the following reasons for their reliance on flutter

    • Peak performance in a rather restricted environment.
    • The ergonomics of Flutter enable developers to use all cross-platform tools.
    • Customer experience is improved as a result of quicker iteration cycles.

Toyota is able to increase user experiences and aspirations by using flutter to create an in-vehicle user experience and slick touch mechanisms.

  • BMW

My BMW app gives users complete freedom in terms of adding features and accessibility everywhere. The BMW company has established itself as a top provider of car apps by leveraging 100% internal flutter architecture.

The voice assistant service, which is available for vehicles with operating systems 5.0 and 6.0, and the integration of Amazon Alexa into models with BMW operating system 7.0 are key features of the BMW app.

The BMW Group’s Flutter software development team is the second-largest in the world after Google’s mentioned “Dr. Kramer.” “Our experts work on both internal projects as well as external ones as contributors to the flutter community.”

Important reasons why top brands putting so much faith in using Flutter over their frameworks

  • Same business logic and UI for all platforms

The fact that a cross-platform network offers a way to exchange the codebase between the platforms chosen for development is well-known to developers. However, Flutter goes a step further and offers the ability to share both the UI and business logic. To render the UI, this framework doesn’t require any special UI elements. All that was required was a canvas surface to draw on.

The way flutter makes this framework stand apart from the competition. You don’t have to worry about the UI, it is consistent across platforms. Sharing business logic and UI in flutter saves the developer time, energy, and effort without compromising the quality of the end result.

  • Own rendering engine

Developers may easily code with Flutter and put their best efforts into the development process.

Flutter uses SKIA on a canvas that has been set up by the platforms to render itself. The UI that is incorporated into flutter can be launched on any platform without any problems because flutter has its own rendering engine.

Flutter relies on its powerful engine to help developers expedite the entire development process and enable the finished product to be released to the market much more quickly and effectively.

  • Similar to native app performance

Native mobile applications typically perform and usability better as compared to cross-platform mobile applications.

On the other hand, flutter-developed apps are observed to be highly viable and fluid. As a flutter developer, you may create applications that offer a native-like experience.

The nicest part is that, unlike the React Native framework, flutter doesn’t need a JavaScript bridge to compile the code.

Despite the fact that the process takes less time since they do not need to perform the additional step of compiling code with JavaScript, it nevertheless gives customers a native app-like experience.

  • Hot reload

It is a crucial feature that enables the flutter developers to directly incorporate source code revisions into an application that is already running. The flutter app developers can manage to save a lot of time with this functionality because they don’t have to complete the tedious compilation procedure, which is rather challenging even if you need to make any minor adjustments.

Google once stated that the capability of “hot reload” has helped flutter gain significant momentum and is one of the key factors in its enormous popularity in such a short time.


So, these are some of the main factors why flutter is being preferred for automotive app development by the automobile giants like Toyota and BMW. Not only in the automobile sector but almost across the verticals, Flutter is becoming the preferred app development framework for businesses.

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