7 Most Popular Vue UI Component Libraries In 2023

“Why use VUE UI component libraries?”

VUE or VUE.js to be precise is a popular JavaScript package that is used to create dynamic front-end apps. VUE, the progressive JavaScript framework, has emerged as the main competitor to Angular and React, and one of the reasons for VUE’s success is the widespread use of components that make development much more understandable.

In this article, we cover some of the most interesting VUE UI component libraries that you should look into first. They will be proven really beneficial if you have a VUE application in the arsenal.

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Best VUE UI Component Libraries and Frameworks

  • Bootstrap value

Bootstrap is the world’s most widely used front-end framework. It has a well-known CSS library that mixes and fuses both Bootstrap and Vue’s power. All Bootstrap elements, including rows, columns, and cards, are now available as VUE components.

It’s a community-supported and widely used UI component package with more than 11.000 GitHub stars. It uses one of the most robust and accessible front-end frameworks to make front-end executions simple and productive.

If you’ve worked with bootstrap before, bootstrap Vue will be simple to learn and will help you build fantastic web applications in no time.

  • Quasar

It’s a framework with a large number of applications and a vibrant community. This is a performance-driven framework for creating VUE UIs. Despite the fact that the Quasar UI library appears to rely on material design, it is easy to tweak it to meet your design system in the long run. All mobile and desktop browsers are supported by the library.

Its current popularity is shown in the fact that it has over 300 contributors and over 16,000 GitHub stars. One important feature of this framework is its ability to write code only once and deploy it as a website simultaneously using only one codebase.

In addition, the quasar is the finest choice if you hire VUEJS developers to deploy to several platforms from a single codebase.

  • Buefy

Buefy, which is a CSS framework used by over 200.000 developers, can be the ideal option for you. It combines Bulma and VUE to enable you to create beautiful apps with minimal coding. The framework is highly adaptable, even if the default version has a distinct appearance and feel. Customizations are quick and straightforward because you can establish your own brand colors, sizing guidelines, and more.

Buefy may be easily integrated into your project using either CDM or npm. Buefy makes UI icons, layouts, and components readily available. Its components can be styled using SASS. Buefy also works with modern web browsers.

  • Vuetify

Vuetify is a framework based on Material Design, which is a well-known design language introduced by Google. It includes user interface rules for shapes, interactions, cards, and depth effects. This framework is compatible with VUE’s SSR (server-side rendering) and allows us to create clean and reusable UI components.

It aids in the customization of the application through dynamic and unique layouts and the usage of SASS variables to perfect component style. Apart from that, it is VUE CLI-3 compatible and works with all modern browsers. It’s a framework that includes A La Carte, Apache Cordova, webpack, NUXT, PWA, Electron, and simple HTML templates.

  • Element UI

All developers, designers, and product managers will benefit from the Element UI library. This wonderful library contains several versions of Angular, as well as React and desktop applications.

It has received over 45K ratings on Github and has attracted over 500 contributors. Because it was created in CHINA, most of the documentation is in Chinese. There are, however, Spanish and English versions available.

It provides the smallest details essential for the development that many people are interested in these days. It was created using a design system by the creators.

  • VUX

This UI toolkit contains WeUI and Vue-based mobile UI components. In addition, VUX supports the VUE-Loader + Webpack + VUX workflow. It’s also a Chinese-based library that was created to handle the WeChat app. VUX is a mobile app development framework that incorporates various WeUI components. Although there are few examples of English translation, most of the documentation is in Chinese.

The VUX community is vibrant and supportive. You can simply approach community members if you have any questions during the development process or when reading the documentation.

On GitHub, it has over 16K stars and 1K downloads every week. The VUE.js component library is competing with the others on the list.

  • i-View

It’s a high-quality Vue UI component collection with dozens of useful and attractive elements. It’s simple to get started with, and you can even use iView CLI to create new projects visually.

The iView Admin template also helps you create dashboards by including a login/logout page, breadcrumb and tab navigation, a locks screen, a message center, form and table elements, and other ready-to-use components features.

With over 23K stars on Github, it’s a fantastic UI component package with frequent updates and excellent community support.


It’s critical to understand what each of the top VUE frameworks described in this post offers before selecting one. Also, there are so many other VUE UI frameworks available that making a list of them all would be impossible.

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