Features Of An Amazing Grocery App In 2022

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The number of smartphone users in India is expected to hit 748 million by 2020, with the global number of smartphone users expected to exceed 1.5 billion by 2040

Apps have changed the way customers interact with their mobile phones and, as a result, how businesses conduct business. The stat works as solid evidence. There’s constant growth and with this growth, one can witness that there lies immense scope of broadening one’s chance of success.

With the advent of mobile app technology, all of your purchasing is just a click away. The grocery store is no exception. Grocery applications have grown in popularity over the previous decade due to their simplicity of use and comfort. Grocery apps are becoming increasingly popular. Fresh quality items, reasonable prices, and timely service are just a few of the fantastic benefits of all grocery delivery apps.

The lockdown scenario pushed the use of grocery delivery apps even more. People were enticed to buy groceries online due to the ease of supermarket delivery applications. While going out for an errand has its own set of hazards, supermarket delivery apps assured that customers were secure at all times. According to an Insight study

78.7% of users used online grocery apps during the COVID-19 crisis.

With this demand, there also came several grocery app development companies. To name some of the popular grocery applications, we have Blinkit (previously known as Grofers), Nature’s Basket, Amazon Pantry, Instamart, BigBasket, JioMart, Paytm Mall, etc.

It also may interest you to know

47% of millennials, 31% of Gen X, 19% of baby boomers and 3% of others shop for groceries online.

But what exactly caused such a surge and what are the essential features that had made these so popular? Let’s find out

  • It’s simple to sign up and log in

An excellent on-demand grocery delivery app is small and has a simple register and login function. Users may access the app by just entering their email address or cellphone number during the registration and login process. An OPT is created. Users input their OTP and begin ordering their necessary grocery products. The OTP-based login has eliminated the problem of password forgetting. Another simple way to log in is with a social network account. The social login option allows users to access the software.

  • Offers

This is an important component of the online grocery delivery mobile application’s consumer panel. A user may take advantage of all of the deals and discounts provided in the supermarket mobile app in this area. Through the offer zone function in the grocery applications, users can simply pick the deal, enter promo codes, apply checkout discounts, and do other things.

  • Filter categories

One of the top ten grocery delivery mobile app features is category selection. After logging into the app, customers can quickly search for the needed supermarket by using the selected category of filter. It will be simple for a consumer to select a preferred product category and begin making purchases.

  • Locate your nearest grocery store

Include the checking local food stores option in your feature-rich online grocery delivery app solutions. A user of the app may quickly search for the nearest food shop using this function. A consumer may also learn about the grocery store’s comments, such as prompt delivery, product quality, pricing, refunds and so on. Users can simply identify grocery stores that meet their needs based on all of these and other characteristics.

  • Add to cart

When it comes to the unique features of Grocery delivery mobile applications, having this function is a must. This crucial feature of the supermarket delivery app allows customers to place orders from various suppliers and online food industry retailers.

If the same product is available in two stores and the product in one store is a little more affordable, users may be able to order the product from a later store. A customer is not required to order groceries from a single store. A consumer may pick items from various locations and place orders using the add to cart capabilities in the customer panel of the grocery mobile app.

  • Advance search and easy sort

A sophisticated search and sorting functionality are required in the customer panel of an on-demand grocery delivery service. This tool allows users to search for their chosen food goods and grocery stores based on their preferences. Customers will benefit from the grocery delivery app’s simple and advanced search options. The advanced search tool provides a smart list, making it easier for clients to choose between grocery goods and grocery merchants.

  • Payment

Make your users’ lives as easy as possible. Allow supermarket consumers to pay using their preferred payment method. When you choose a top online grocery supermarket app development company in India, ask its mobile app developers to integrate different payment options.

Allow your customers to pay using a credit card, a debit card, a mobile wallet, UPI or another method. This feature will make the payment process easier. Check that the online payment methods are highly secure, encrypted, and secure. It will increase user trust and loyalty towards your app.

  • Schedule delivery

People need to have things organized ahead of time in our fast-paced world. Customers can schedule grocery orders in advance using the online grocery delivery app’s scheduling order delivery feature.

Consumers may make use of a scheduled order delivery service to receive fresh and on-time delivery of goods without sacrificing time or quality. Request that your commercial grocery delivery mobile app development companies create this capability for you. This functionality will be appreciated by your consumers.

  • Track your order

Make it easy for your consumers to believe you. You may increase this trust element by using an Order tracking system. The order tracking function in the customer panel of the on-demand grocery delivery mobile app provides users with real-time information on the whereabouts of the items.

A user may simply follow the status of an order from dispatch to product delivery at their doorsteps using the order tracking system.

  • Gather customer feedback

This feature incorporates all pertinent comments as well as ratings from past customers concerning their buying experience. This feature will also allow customers to provide feedback and ratings on purchases they have made lately or in the past. From the perspective of users, reviews and ratings are an important feature since they allow future users, as well as existing ones, to verify the reviews of previous customers and make an educated decision when purchasing.

  • Push notifications

Keeping your users up to date on current developments, seasonal specials, and other important changes in real-time is the ideal method to build deeper customer connections.

Customers may receive push notifications about impending deals on the app thanks to the push notification capabilities. The message about on-time delivery can also be given through push notification. The push notification function in the online grocery delivery app provides users with relevant and customized material at the appropriate moment.

Why Choose Flutter for Grocery App Development?

Here are some of the reasons why you should use Flutter to develop a grocery app

Using single code to maintain both frontend and backend

Flutter eliminates the need to use several technologies for backend and frontend development. It enables any software development business to construct both the backend and the frontend using a single language. Above important, with Flutter, everything is a widget, which solves the difficulty associated with widget references.

Furthermore, Flutter widgets provide all of the widgets required for many platforms, such as scrolling, navigation, icons and more. Finally, Flutter allows you to avoid all of the snags that arise while designing the backend and frontend layouts.

  • Productivity Booster with Hot Reload

Flutter may enhance productivity tenfold by offering access to the Hot Reload capability, in addition to easing the complexity of the mobile developer’s problem.

With the aid of this functionality, an app development business can keep track of the impact of code changes and apply them without having to rewrite the entire codebase. This Flutter feature enables developers to construct apps more accurately and quickly.

  • Integration of Device Features

If you want to clone popular grocery apps like Groffers, BigBasket or Instamart, make sure your app connects with hardware capabilities like GPS for real-time tracking and user position retrieval. You may also incorporate payment gateways, secure authentication, push alerts and other features.

Flutter’s package ecosystem comes in useful and simplifies the integration process by supporting a wide range of hardware features and services such as network, camera, GPS, authorization and more.

  • Quick app testing and no-hassle maintenance

Flutter, as opposed to native applications, allows you to create a cross-platform mobile application with a single codebase that works on several platforms. The cherry on top is that Flutter’s automated testing reduces the overall cost of quality assurance.

Furthermore, Flutter provides open-source widgets, allowing developers to avoid building code from scratch while improving testability and quality. Rest certain that by hiring a Flutter app development firm, you will receive exceptional product quality, performance, and on-time delivery.

At Stellar Digital, we are an app development company that can help you develop a grocery app that can help you establish a name of your own. You can hire flutter developers from our team of experts who carry knowledge along with experience. Their expertise can help you get an application that is satisfactory and supremely functional.


Having unique features in this day and age, a grocery delivery smartphone application is a requirement. Any company owner who plans to invest in this area must understand that their ultimate goal is to please their clients, and if they are satisfied, your app is a success.

It is critical to work with an experienced and enterprise-level grocery delivery mobile app development business to create specialized On-demand grocery delivery applications. We hope you find the features covered here useful.