How To Build An Effective On-Demand Doctor Appointment Booking App?

Are you having trouble keeping track of patient appointments at your clinic? Did your personnel spend a significant amount of time scheduling appointments and rationalizing clinical operations?

In this case, creating an on-demand doctor appointment booking app is the easiest approach to handle clinical appointments without having to rely on manual records.

According to a Globenewswire report, the global market for healthcare applications was worth $8 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $111.1 billion by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of 38.26% between 2019 and 2025.

Doctor consultation, test bookings, appointment bookings, medical delivery, and other services are available through these applications. Doctor apps cater to a big percentage of the population due to the increased demand for online medical aid, and advancement in these applications is the medical industry’s future.

If you want to develop an excellent on-demand doctor appointment booking app, in this article, we will go over key factors that will help you understand the motivation and features behind the development of an on-demand doctor appointment booking app.

Reasons Behind the Increase in on-demand Doctor Appointment Booking Apps

Doctor booking apps have been a popular category in the healthcare and fitness mobile app development arena due to their ease of booking and monitoring.

A recent survey found that 43% of patients prefer to schedule appointments online. Also, 72% of patients and 60% of healthcare professionals say online booking platforms encourage patients to keep appointments.

As a result, when it comes to choosing medical services, the online doctor appointment app is really important. When you have the option of booking a doctor’s consultation online, you know you’ll be receiving access to doctors that have positive ratings and reviews.

Both patients and doctors want to feel as if they are taking advantage of all technological advancements and saving time.

Prime Features to Integrate into your Medical app for Doctor’s Appointment

  • Stakeholderprofiles

Doctor and user profile should be the two key components of the doctor appointment app. The user’s name, age, gender, and basic health information such as weight, height, blood type, and group are all included in the user profile. The doctor’s profile, on the other hand, will include information such as their area of expertise, clinic location, visitation fees, and so on.

Our recommendation is to approach the user’s profile page as their personal health chart, and the doctor’s profile page as a section containing their degree, specialization, and clinic photo.

  • Doctors and clinics research

The Search feature is one of the most important aspects of the on-demand doctor appointment booking app. Your patient’s user group should be able to search for doctors and clinics based on various characteristics such as specialty, clinic or doctor name, waiting time, visit charges, and so on. To provide the finest services to users, opt for a large search filter menu.

  • Geo-location Based search

A geo-location-based functionality to allow patients to search for doctors and clinics in their region or place of work would be another addition to the list of essential features. You may integrate a location-based search tool into your doctor booking appointment mobile app using Google and Apple Maps capability.

The big benefit would be that the usability factor of your healthcare app would grow by a factor of ten, as would the session time of your medical app for doctor’s appointments.

  • Appointment booking

This feature is also listed as one of your app’s most important features for finding providers. The appointment booking criteria you’re integrating should be part of a very basic interface, where the entire process of selecting a doctor and confirming a time slot for booking an appointment is simple.

You should give doctors the flexibility to choose a future date based on their availability, as well as the ability to accept or reject appointments in real-time based on their availability.

  • Doctors review

The one element that will get the patient side of the user interested in your mobile app for discovering doctors is a doctor’s rating and review. You must guarantee that your healthcare app has a large number of legitimate ratings and reviews for your partnered doctors.

In the case of doctor appointment applications, the user only selects those doctor profiles that have a high number of positive ratings and reviews. As a result, if consumers come across a profile with no ratings or reviews, they are unlikely to connect with those doctors or the app as a whole.

You should give the patient’s side of the users the choice to contribute media to enable them to add the clinic’s condition for other patients to observe, in addition to giving them the chance to provide ratings and reviews.

Other essential features your app should have

    • Patient check-in from the app
    • Telemedicine
    • At home medical service
    • In-built payment
    • Reminder for appointments


The features described above are what make the on-demand doctor appointment booking app effective. These features are used by the mobile app development company to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that everything is under control.

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