What Are Best WordPress Development Tools That Will Rule In 2022?

Are you seeking the best WordPress development tools?

Today, WordPress is the most widely used platform for creating and managing content. It is used by nearly 40% of all websites on the internet.

WordPress is frequently used to build a blog or website. You may quickly transform a WordPress site into an online store, portfolio, news site, or other resource types, as well as trading systems such as safe trading.

Another notable feature of this platform is its user-friendly interface. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can utilize WordPress to do the task quickly. It turns out that anyone may use Word Press to create and publish content without problems!

In our search for the best tools, we went through a significant amount of data to come up with this list of the top WordPress tools to use in 2022.

Top WordPress Development tools to watch out for in 2022


It is one of the oldest and most widely used development tools on the market. You can rapidly install a web server, PHP, and MariaDB on your local machine using this program, making it excellent for WordPress developers. XAMPP is a leader in local development because of its ease of use, excellent support, and the fact that it is free.

It’s worth noting that XAMPP comes with MariaDB rather than MySQL as the relation database, but it still works with WordPress. OpenSSL, Apache, PHP, FileZilla FTP server, Tomcat, and other modules are included with XAMPP.

  • Postman

It’s a great tool to use if you’re working on WordPress Rest development because it has all of the options for sending and receiving requests. It’s best used as a debugging tool for advanced WordPress development.

Another wonderful use of the postman is for website testing, as it allows you to send notifications to numerous tools and platforms in case different team members or clients need to be notified. Without this handy tool, it’s difficult to imagine developing a WordPress API or any other API.

  • MAMP

My Apache, MySQL, and PHP are all abbreviated as MAMP. It is comparable to XAMPP in many ways. This is also a software stack that makes it simple to build WordPress websites. The setup method is similar to that of XAMPP, in which you set up the stack, create a database, and then manually configure WordPress development tools.

MAMP, however, only works on Windows and macOS. You can also receive access to additional software such as Python and Perl.

  • Notepad++

On Windows, this software is widely used for text editing. The GNU public license governs this free and open-source code editor, which supports a wide range of languages. For performance and deployment, Notepad++ is written in C++ and uses the Win32 API. It also makes use of STL, which requires less processing power to run, making Notepad++ a popular tool among green developer enthusiasts.

  • WP-CLI

WP CLI stands for WordPress command-line interface and is a popular tool among WordPress users who like to operate from a console. Without using a browser or any other tool, you can update plugins, configure multisite installations, and perform a variety of other tasks using WP-CLI. A command-line interface is a favored method of working for the senior developer because it may significantly save development time if used appropriately. It includes advanced features like the Transients API, Cache mechanism, Media API, roles, and much more that you can’t get in WordPress (unless you go into core).

  • PhpMyAdmin

It’s a free and open-source database management system that works well with MySQL and MariaDB.

It’s a popular tool among WordPress developers because it allows you to quickly analyze mistakes, change data, import, and export, as well as do anything else you need while building a website.

MAMP and XAMPP both come with phpMyAdmin preinstalled for local development, and most platforms provide database access through the PhpMyAdmin software installed on their servers.


So, there you have it: the top WordPress development tools to use in 2022. If we had to build a list of WordPress development tools, it would be endless. We’ve compiled a list of the most significant ones, and you can also read our post on the best WordPress theme plugins. If you want to design a WordPress website, you’ve come to the right spot. Being a professional WordPress development company we at Stellar Digital have a skilled team of developers who can help you out with your project. Check out our WordPress development services at stellardigital.in.