What Are Push Notifications And Why They Are Important?

It’s difficult to find a mobile app today that doesn’t use push notifications, regardless of category and it’s easy to see why. Approximately 91% of Android users and 43% of iOS users opt in to receive these notifications, which leads to customer retention and conversions.

In this article, we’ll go over how push notifications work, as well as the benefits of using them in your app development and marketing. So, let’s start with the basics

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are messages sent to users in order to increase revenue, build audience relationships and entice users to return to the mobile app or website. A push notification campaign should grab a user’s attention with a brief alert and call to action for maximum user engagement. Though these personalized messages work differently on a mobile device or a desktop browser, they all serve the same purpose: using push notifications engages users. Consumers must manually sign-up for or agree to receive the alerts in both cases of opt-in communication.

Mobile push notifications appear on the tablet or mobile device as one-on-one messaging for user engagement. Push notifications, like text messages, appear on the user’s screen, though the exact location varies depending on user preference and device configuration. Push notifications are an excellent way for a mobile app to draw attention to its updates, products or services.

Web push notifications, on the other hand, are short messages delivered to a user’s desktop. A web-based push notification, like mobile push notification, encourages a user to visit the website and interact with the content there. These messages frequently appear in the user’s screen’s corner, inviting them to click through to an article or landing page. For example, a news website may provide breaking news alerts so that users can receive real-time updates. Alternatively, an e-commerce site may send push notifications in response to a large scale, to announce a new product line, or to reverse cart abandonment. Any type of alert is an excellent way to entice users to visit the website.

Both web and mobile push notifications are brief nudges that encourage potential customers to interact with a website or app. They are critical components of any marketing campaign. Let’s look into why:

Benefits of Push Notifications

  • Improves User Retention

User retention is an important metric that will show you how well your mobile app is performing. This critical metric allows mobile app developers and businesses to determine the number of users who downloaded the application, used it, and then returned to use it again.

When an app is modified or updated, app developers are constantly looking for user feedback as well as analyzing other factors such as which features are more appealing to users. If a user downloads and installs your app on his or her phone but never returns to it, it has no value.

  • Targets the appropriate set of customers

Once a user has installed or is using a mobile application, it will ask for permission to access their location. The majority of users will grant permissions, allowing mobile apps to identify their location. As a result, businesses will be able to use location-based push notifications to provide users with a more personalized experience.

Push notifications can be used to notify users about offers that are only available in a specific region. Businesses will also be able to target users via push notifications based on their city, state or country. Push notifications based on a user’s location are certain to help businesses increase user engagement.

  • Betters engagement

Businesses that implement a solid push notification strategy will be able to increase user engagement. The best thing about push notifications is that they allow businesses to engage and interact with their mobile app users in a more effective way.

Deep linking within push notifications is another strategy for getting app users to where you want them to go. For example, if you want users to update the app to take advantage of newly released features, you can deep link the push notification with the link to update the app.

As a result, when users click on the push notification, they will be directed directly to the app update option. All users need to do now is select the update option and wait for the update to complete. You can do the same thing to introduce new products to app users by sending a push notification with a deep link to the newly released products page.

  • Boosts conversion rate

Push notifications will assist businesses in not only bringing back users and engaging them with the application but also in increasing online conversion rates. Push notifications that offer discounts, for example, will undoubtedly capture the attention of the majority of users. It may even persuade some users to buy goods or services. Several studies have found that well-crafted mobile push notifications can increase conversion rates by nearly fourfold. This is why businesses should place a greater emphasis on segmented push notifications. These push notifications are essentially personalized messages.

Businesses will be able to categorize their mobile app users based on factors such as app behavior, location, interests and more. You will be able to easily send personalized and relevant push notifications to a specific category once you have created such categories.

  • Increases revenue via monetization

The advantages of push notifications extend beyond simply increasing organic engagement. That is a significant selling point for brands: Push notifications to provide guaranteed impressions because users are bound to see these notifications when they appear on their screens. For example, an athletics apparel brand could sponsor a sports publication’s push notifications to reach target audiences with calls to action about new products and special offers. Furthermore, using personalized offers in push messages is a powerful way to improve user experience, cultivate audiences and build loyal customers.

The Bottom Line

Push notifications aren’t limited to mobile applications. They’re a highly engaging, but largely untapped, channel that publishers can use to boost engagement and revenue. You can increase revenue and build direct customer relationships by incorporating push messaging into your marketing strategy.

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