What Are The Top Free Icon Packs For Web Designers?

Do you know how to make your design more unique and eye-catching in the quickest and easiest method possible?

When it comes to web design, particularly UI design, icons are crucial. When utilized effectively, icons may add visual interest and appeal to practically any website design.

Although it is time-consuming and impractical to create icons from scratch every time you start a new project.

Because designers are busy, sorting through all of the icon sets to find the one that’s right for your project can take just as long as making your own. As a result, we’ve collected a list of the greatest free icon packs so you can quickly choose a handful to utilize in your forthcoming projects, both personal and client-related.

We’ve organized icon packs into three categories for easier understanding: icon fonts, SVG, and CSS. Let’s have a look at the benefits and drawbacks of each type before diving into the resources

  • Icon fonts

When a large number of icons with basic stylistic requirements are used, the icon fonts perform admirably. They’re monochromatic and work well with simple shapes. Browsers regard icon fonts as text, therefore you’ll need to normalize them to avoid anti-aliasing difficulties. Icon fonts are supported across all browsers.

  • SVG icons

SVG stands for (scalable vector graphics), a vector graphics format based on XML that can scale to any size without losing clarity. They can be shown with CSS, object tags, image tags, or by including them straight into your HTML. SVG is supported in modern browsers, but not in previous versions of IE or Android versions 2.3 and below.

  • CSS icons

CSS icons are most effective when only a few icons are required. All you have to do is copy the CSS of the icon you want and paste it into your project’s stylesheet. They are not suggested if you intend to employ a large number of icons. There is also the risk of icons appearing differently among browsers.


Format and type- SVG, Webfont, iconfont

One of the most popular open-source icon sets is the feather. These are 24×24 grid-based open-source icons. The MIT license applies to the SVG format, and there are approximately 250+ icons in open source.

Regardless of size, these icons are simple to edit, clean, and crisp. They were created as an icon font first, and are intended to be embedded as a web font.


Type- SVG
License: GitHub

Octicons is a scalable set of handcrafted SVG icons from GitHub. It includes GitHub icons as well as programming icons such as database coins, gitoperations icons, and so on.

Font awesome

Type- Icon Font
License- SIL OFL 1.1

Font awesome, the internet’s most popular icon font (with over 50,000 stars on GitHub), offers a large selection of icons designed for scalability, universal browser support, and accessibility for visually impaired users.


Type: Icon Font
License: MIT

The team behind the Ionic framework created the stunning icon. Over 260 stunning icons are included, some with a thick flat design and others with a current thin line style.


Type- CSS
Licence- MIT

It’s a collection of CSS icons only. To use them, simply download the.css stylesheet, create an empty HTML element of your choice, and apply the appropriate classes. All of the icons are created in such a way that they just require one HTML element to function.


Type: CSS icons
License: CC0 v1.0 Universal

This is yet another icon set created entirely with CSS. The project features a fantastic demo website where you can check out the icons and see how each aspect of the design is put together. If you only need one or two icons, you can copy their CSS and paste it directly into your stylesheet without having to download anything.

  • Utilizing icons in Bootstrap studio

Without writing a single line of code, the Bootstrap studio allows you to create great-looking, highly responsive websites. It comes with a powerful drag-and-drop builder, beautiful templates, and a slew of other features to help you improve your designs.

The Icon Fonts tool is one of these elements. It allows you to quickly import all of the icons you need. It works with a variety of web icon fonts, such as Font Awesome, Ionicons, Material Design Icons, and others. On Bootstrap Studio, you can learn more about using icon fonts.


Choosing the correct icon pack for your project should not be dependent on what is most well-known, but rather on what best meets your project’s needs. When selecting an icon set, consider how simple it is to get started on a project, which formats are available in the library and the pricing.

It’s also crucial to consider when selecting an icon pack that matches the style of your app or website.

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