What Is M-Commerce And Why It Is Becoming A New Standard?

Online shopping isn’t a new concept, but mobile shopping, or “m-Commerce,” has exploded in popularity in recent years. Mobile commerce is expected to account for 44.2 % of all online retail operations by 2025, with sales of $728 billion.

Furthermore, mobile shopping continues to grow year after year. That means if you run an online store, enhancing the user experience for mobile users is critical. When you give a pleasant mobile user experience (UX). You’ll be able to tap into a big and rapidly expanding market.

We’ll go into great detail about m-commerce in this article.

Why is mobile commerce becoming a new standard?

  • Better user experience

When it comes to mobile commerce apps, we can’t help but notice that they’re far more convenient than the same companies’ mobile websites. The thing is, an application created for a certain platform allows you to utilize the platform’s native features and aspects. All of this makes the application simple and easy to use.

  • Marketing opportunities

You may increase client involvement by using the mobile app. You might, for example, use a powerful tool like push notifications to encourage your customers to make repeat purchases or to notify them about specials or new products.

If your business has physical locations, you may send a notification to your customers when they are walking near your store or service center. This small effort may increase loyalty by demonstrating your concern for the needs of your customers.

  • Various payment solutions

As compared to eCommerce websites, mobile apps can utilize more types of payment methods besides regular credit and debit cards.

Mobile payment solution includes

    • Apple Pay
    • Google Pay
    • Android Pay
    • PayPal One-Touch
    • Visa checkout
    • Amazon Pay
  • Collect valuable customer data to improve marketing

A customer enters a traditional retail store, makes a purchase, and then walks out, making it difficult to determine why they bought a certain product and what variables impacted their decision.

M-commerce can provide answers to these and other questions. It is because mobile analytics can track consumer data from the moment of product discovery until the moment of purchase, allowing you to better understand your customers’ psychology and purchasing habits.

Mobile analytics accuracy is determined by your business strategy and the resources you have available for mobile app development.

  • Custom content

Customers will respond better to M-Commerce and mobile marketing offers that are more customized and personal. Personalized content expands your reach and increases brand engagement, which leads to increased consumer loyalty and conversion rates.

And this is just another benefit of M-Commerce. You can quickly send customized content to app users by analyzing their behavior patterns and unique preferences. These could be, for example, unique offers or promotions based on the user’s previous purchases.

Some m-Commerce apps detect user activity and provide real-time product recommendations. As a result, conversion rates rise and consumer loyalty rises.

Some examples of Mobile Commerce

  • Boxed

It’s an online wholesale store with an amazing m-commerce app that solves its customers’ problems.

When clients run out of something, the company’s ‘smart stock up’ feature sends out a reminder, and customers can quickly re-order what they need with just a few clicks.

Aside from this functionality, users can benefit from free membership benefits such as bulk buying and 1-3 day free shipping.

  • Target

Target is another incredible example of mobile commerce. This retail company enters the app market in order to deliver a convenient shopping experience similar to that of their real stores.

Customers who join the mobile app, for example, have immediate access to the program’s circular feature, which allows users to grab some tempting discounts in a flash, as well as the following benefits.

    • With their Drive-Up service, any order can be delivered to the customer’s car.
    • With a single scan of the target’s wallet, you may save and pay.
    • Same-day delivery is available.


With the rising popularity of smartphones, it’s easy to see why mobile commerce has become a must-have requirement these days.

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