5 Pre And Post Mobile App Launch Mistakes To Avoid

Consider the scenario where you only have to compete with 500 apps in the app store.

Will you take advantage of this opportunity as an app marketer?

You’ll try to grab it with both hands, but this was the scene when the app store first opened its doors in 2009. In 2013, Apple stated that the number of apps in the app store had surpassed one million, producing a record-breaking $10 billion in revenue.

Not to be outdone, Google quickly caught up and passed the one million app mark in just a few months.

As the number of apps on the market expands, so do the difficulties that app marketers face. So, as an app marketer, what will you do in this situation?

How will you make it to the end?

How are you going to make your app stand out?

Don’t worry, in today’s article, we’ll talk about how to prevent pre and post-mobile app launch mistakes. Let’s get right to it.

Pre-Launch Mistakes

  • Not properly conducting beta testing

More than 70% of app uninstalls are due to crashes in mobile apps. Beta testing aids in the correction of errors that were missed during internal testing. While internal testing detects the vast majority of issues, some manage to slip through.

In the last stages of app development, beta testing is carried out. It consists of testing a nearly finished app.

During beta testing, issues such as bad design, lag, and security problems can be identified and corrected.

By conducting extensive beta testing and correcting any issues, you may avoid bad reviews and provide clients with a positive experience.

Beta testing can help your software receive positive feedback and excellent ratings, which can lead to an increase in downloads.

  • Neglecting pre-launch marketing

If you ignore pre-mobile launch promotion, you may find that app discovery and downloads are slower. Customers should be paying attention to your apps. It doesn’t matter how good your app is if you don’t have a strong pre-launch marketing strategy in place. You must also be active in order to maximize the rewards of your pre-launch marketing activity.

You can also promote your app using web advertising, radio commercials, billboards, and promotional events, among other methods. Furthermore, social media marketing is both cost-efficient and effective. Emphasizing your app’s unique features and how it can help customers will ensure that it receives the attention it deserves.

  • Poor app store optimization

Getting your application found among more than 2 million apps present in the App store, is the biggest challenge faced by the application proprietors. The concept of App store optimization

  • Insufficient market research

The app is a success if it provides a unique feature or functionalities that are superior to those already existing.

You can locate areas where you can focus your efforts and distinguish yourself from your competitors by conducting market research. You run the risk of creating a similar or boring app if you conduct little or no market research.

You may locate the areas of concentration with market research before developing the app, rather than adding the functionality later, which is both time-consuming and costly.

The market research gives you fresh ideas and allows you to consistently deliver new and exciting features, keeping your app relevant in the marketplace.

  • Not having a release date

Choosing a release date helps your marketing team develop anticipation. You can promote your app through social media, news sites, and publications. Users may be tempted by a countdown to the launch date. You may also be able to avoid time gaps in app development by setting delivery dates.

Post App Launch Mistakes to Avoid

  • Post-launch bug fixes

Bugs may appear after the app has been launched; addressing them will help your clients trust you.

Ignoring bugs, on the other hand, may result in customer discontent and unfavorable reviews, undoing all of the efforts that may have gone into developing the app.

App crashes, UI flaws, delayed response, functional bugs, and connectivity issues, to name a few, are some of the most common bugs.

  • Poor customer service

Customer service and user usability are essential for customer retention. Even if the software is excellent, user participation keeps customers loyal. Customer service is critical for applications related to commerce, transportation, and software development. More importantly, the question should be answered; engaging with users, answering their questions, and so on, all contribute to the app’s success.

  • Ignoring user reviews

User reviews may help you swiftly resolve problems and inconveniences that people have experienced. They also give you valuable advice. Customer service is ensured by responding to user reviews. It’s also critical to respond to both positive and negative feedback. User reviews can also help users decide whether or not to download an app. Due to this good rating matters.

  • Not tracking the parameters

Keeping track of the parameters allows you to make regular improvements to the app and expand its user base. Daily users, monthly users, average income per user, and other metrics might be extremely useful.

Understanding the most frequently used features and focusing on them, as well as resolving user issues, can help you make the app more engaging.

  • Not paying enough attention to the security aspect

It is critical to prioritize security both before and after app development. Customer data, company data, and other information can all be compromised in a security breach. It’s simple and cost-effective to include security from the start.

Adding security after app creation, on the other hand, can be difficult and costly. You can keep the app safe and secure by following the best app security practices.

A safe app can increase client trust. This feature can also be highlighted by businesses to attract more customers.


The mobile app development market is huge. Importantly making the app effective needs close user interaction, resolving problems and errors and enhancing the app performance and user experience.

Hope you have learned about the app launch mistakes? Any queries about app development? Just get in touch with Stellar Digital and our team more than happy to help you out with your project. Simply visit stellardigital.in and check out our mobile app development services.