Top 7 Mobile App Ad Networks And Platforms

Not sure where to put advertisements on your app?

Given the level of competition in today’s app industry and the wide variety of mobile ad networks accessible, making a choice can be challenging.

The app industry is always changing, and you must be extremely adaptable in order to keep up.

For making your task easy, we have summarized the most recent AppsFlyer performance index for 2022(610 media sources, 25billion installs and over 18,000 apps analyzed).

What is a Mobile ad Network?

An integrated platform known as a mobile advertising network or app ad network links marketers with app developers or publishers looking to sell mobile ad inventory.

A mobile ad network serves as a bridge between demand-side platforms used by advertisers and supply-side platforms used by publishers.

Mobile ad platforms come in a variety of forms and offer various advertising opportunities. You want a network that pays you without harming your reputation by showing improper or irrelevant adverts if you’re a publisher. Additionally, you want to choose a company that offers a range of ad formats.

Now let’s get into,

Top 7 Best ad Networks for Mobile Advertising Campaigns

  • Google Admob

One of the biggest mobile ad networks worldwide. With the help of in-app advertisements and useful analytics, Ad Mob helps you monetise your app. It supports many currencies, enabling you to make money anywhere in the world. Admob is a helpful service that is very easy to use and intuitive, much like other Google tools.

  • StartApp

It is a data-driven mobile technology firm that claims to raise eCPMs, fill rates, engaged users, and income for publishers. This is made possible by the company’s use of advanced data understanding to route advertisements through programmatic and direct transactions.

  • InMobi

One of the largest independent mobile advertising networks, allowing you to target clients all over the world. You now have access to all the resources you need to monetise your apps because this company can manage both mobile and online ad campaigns.

InMobi offers ad campaigns in CPC and CPI and is compatible with iOS, Android, and mobile web. The offered ad formats are banner, native, video, rich media, and interstitial.

Adjust your target market based on attributes like carrier, time, operating system, operator, nation, channel, or device to reach the closest potential customers at all times.

Markets for InMobi’s advertising users exist in the US, UK, Europe, Japan, South Africa, India, and Kenya.

Additionally, it offers a platform for mediation if you wish to interact with several ad networks, albeit the other networks you can utilise may be restricted.

  • Meta (Facebook)

For getting top-notch consumers for non-gaming apps, it is the second-best mobile advertising network.

The ad network typically did better at attracting users for non-gaming apps than for gaming apps. One of the ad networks that is challenging to knock off the top is Meta.

The advanced targeting capabilities and variety of ad types it provides for app advertising are the primary drivers of its success.

On Meta, app marketers select between following ad formats

    • Banner ads
    • Interstitial ads
    • Native ads
    • Playable ads
    • Rewarded video ads

App advertisers can choose from the following ad formats on Meta

App instals, app engagement, traffic, and in-app conversions are some of the possibilities that Meta gives marketers to choose from based on their needs.

Since Meta’s algorithm is always being improved, strong user retention rates for mobile apps are not surprising.

  • Unity ads

It is the most well-known method of monetizing mobile game apps with ads. It’s one of the first of this kind of service that LTV optimises. Both Android and iOS apps are supported by the Unity. You can display a variety of ads using Unity, including AR ads, banners, playable ads, movies, and more.

The following currencies are supported by this platform: USD, EUR, JPY, CNY, KRW, and BRL.


It is among the biggest advertising agencies on the planet. The “display to search” structure of advertising was said to have been invented by, which has long been recognised as the best AdSense alternative. This company offers native, display, and contextual advertising.

  • Smaato

It is among the top platforms for mobile advertising for both publishers and marketers. You can sell ad space because there are more than 10,000 publications and 90,000 advertisers (buy it)

Use the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX), which generates super auctions, to profit from real-time bidding (RTB). It will enable you to locate the advertisers who are willing to spend the highest rates to promote your mobile app.

You must identify the areas with the most impression demand during these real-time bidding super auctions in order to maximise revenues on an impression per impression foundation and achieve higher-paying eCPMs.

This platform accepts video, banner, interactive, interstitial, and paid advertisements.

Using dynamic demand, SPX (Smaato publisher platform) may automatically optimise demand sources. Additionally, you have the option of mediating other ad networks with SDK support.


These are a few of the most important mobile advertising networks and platforms that can help your company. Other alternatives exist in addition to these. However, we have compiled a list of the most crucial ones.

Therefore, choosing the mobile ad network or platform that is optimal for your business is difficult. For that, you must first determine your company’s needs before making a choice.

You can also choose to test out two or three different networks before deciding on the best advertising network for your business.

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